BDSM Dating Guide

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If you want to join a BDSM dating site, yu need to consider all your options! 100s of dating sites with Dating Cougar right now make it very hard for you to get laid when using the internet. We have had lots of help in knowing which site will work, and which won't. Now that you know what toys to buy, let me give you some basic safety hints:

  • Communication... I love that you want to explore new things with your partner, and I want it to benefit your Kat Stroud relationship. Discuss your fantasies, and hopes for the outcome of your adventure. When chatting with your partner find out what they want to do and have common ground with them.
  • Have a Safe Word for you Both! I suggest colors, Yellow means “Slow down, this is getting to be a bit much, but I want to keep going”. This could just free fuck buddy sites mean too much spanking in one spot, that you need to shift positions etc. Red means stop. No questions asked, just stop. Give them a handkerchief to waive or a ball to drop if they are gagged, and watch for it.

If adult dating apps Kiwi Datez is what you had in mind, then do not wait just give them a try and see which one is best for you! BDSM is easy when you find the right partner to do it with! I could not possibly cover everything in this short post, but I will be posting The SexD a BDSM series in a couple of months that will go further into the intricacies of this sort of play. I wish you the best of luck!

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